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Old 06.02.2010, 22:12
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Default ! appear

Hi andreas,
i'm currently working on a "retro pack" (which is actually finished, i will post it in the general section later - check it out ^^) and while doing so i stumbled upon my age-old problem of the visual appearance of players.

Now i know for giving a nation a certain visual appearance you can make a team file for them, for example like this:

! name "Cameroon"
! 1 shirt green
! 1 shorts red
! 1 socks yellow
! 2 shirt yellow
! 2 shorts green
! 2 socks red
! appear 0 0 0 1
But that visual appearance only applies to the "first generation" of a nation, the new youth players will be appear as all kinds of white-skinned players, not as the chosen "0 0 0 1" format though.

So the next thing i tried was applying the "! appear" line to the international file, i did this:
! AdditionalCountry "Cameroon"
! appear 0 0 0 1
! TempNames "data/names/Cameroon_1st.txt" "data/names/Cameroon_2nd.txt"
! reputation 16
Olympic Yaoundé
That didn't change anything about freshly created players during the career so i thought about the actual team at which the nations players are being "brought to life" and made a file for that team like this:
Olympic Yaoundé.txt

! name "Olympic Yaoundé"
! appear 0 0 0 1
All that without any success, it seems players who are not created at the start do not get the correct visual appearance. Or did i misplace the lines?
Or did i overlook anything? Or is it an evil underlying racist plot to eliminate black footballers? (jk andreas). ;p

Enlighten me please. :J
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