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Old 09.07.2012, 02:33
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Neuer Benutzer
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Default Editing Teams


Bought the full version of your game and i like it. Can't wait to become a 'manager' of a soccer club (or Futbol in other countries).

However, I'm running into a problem with editing teams. I have modified the files and trying to make my own league by taking over Greece and changing the team country to "United Slaves of Amerika" and even all the team names as well. However, when I go to the game, a friendly game in particular, it says Greece and not United Slaves of Amerika (goofy name, heh?), nor the team names are displaying either.

Also, in the game, I've edited all the players names on one team, however, when I restart the game, it goes back to the original names.

Any answers?

American Idiot.
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Old 09.07.2012, 19:45
Andreas Andreas is offline
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Have you started a new game (career)?

There is a quickstart savefile in the Quickstarts/ folder which is basically a saved game directly after creating a new career.

When you start a new career, all the editable data files will be read as long as you don't use the quickstart savefile (there's a field you can toggle when you start the new career).

So I recommend you to create a new career (without using the quickstart file) and your edited teams should be loaded!

When you want to use the teams in friendlies you can overwrite the Quickstart file in Quickstarts/ with your own saved game.

The reason for the existence of the Quickstart.ssv is that it takes a bit until text files are read. The saved games are optimized for fast loading.

I hope that helps. Feel free to ask if you have any further questions!

Best regards,
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Old 10.07.2012, 05:23
AmericanIdiot AmericanIdiot is offline
Neuer Benutzer
Join Date: 09.07.2012
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Default Figured it out.

Just a half hour after me posting this, I figured it out.

Got the United Slaves Of Amerika league going.

Thanks for responding and sorry for wasting your time.

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