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Old 08.01.2004, 11:08
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Default How it continues ..

After posting the snapshots a few people asked me about the future of the project, that's why I'm doing a short announcement.

I'm currently experimenting for a new version. As you can see in the snapshots below it's going to be a completely new game. It's rewritten from the scratch (including especially match and menus), only the good algorithms will be reused. The match will be 100% rewritten, I think I've learned a lot during the programming process of version 03/04. The game will also move slightly away from the classic style but it still will be completely different from the current modern soccer games on the market.

The match will have 3D graphics with different camera perspectives. But you also will be able to play it from the same camera perspective like 03/04. The standard camera will be quite far away from the pitch so that the player has a good overview over the match.

The AOCS03/04 had a development time of 1 1/2 years, that's why I cannot say if AOCS II will be really finished in 2004. More realistic will be about the same development time.

I have not made any detailled thoughts about it yet but I think the ones who support[ed] the first version will have advantages for the new version like an update possibility for registered users of 03/04 so that they won't have to pay the full price.

If you have suggestions for the new version feel free to post it in the 'Future plans' section.

Andreas Osswald

The first snapshots:

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